Stay for awhile in Thailand, Enjoy your vacation

I have some interesting experience while on holiday to Thailand. According to me, this country has many tourist attractions and a has alot of very interesting place to visit. Many of the traditional cuisine dish can also be found in thailand, In addition to the vacation, Thailand is also a place that cheap to shopping. "I like the holiday to Thailand. Here, shopping is cheap and fun,". In addition, the stay there is also comfortable. If you want to stay for long time while take a vacation and discover all about Thailand, don't be worried about home to stay, with many of rental houses which is quite interesting, villa along the coast or on the hill that is very exotic. it is very suitable for who want to vacation together with couples or families.Thailand is one of the countries in Asia as a destination worthy of your holiday. We can also try some of Thailand cuisine with cooking your self, there are many of traditional market we can visit. And don't miss to visit some beautiful beach in Thailand.

Some of the beaches in a reasonable visited thailand;
- Lamai beach, there we can see the coral reef called Hin Ta Hin Yai and (grandfather and grandmother coral stone). This is the legend of a pair of
lovers who live together and die to become a coral reef. At this beach offers many massage if you want to relax for a while to achieve release.

- Chaweng Beach, the beach is the most long beach on the island. This area is full of night life, bar and restaurant. Area is very
filled with tourists who like the crowd.

- Big Buddha Beach, This is a beautiful bay. Why in a way, because in this area there is a statue of Buddha with a big enough altitude 12m. Can say in such a small island on the road to connect to the mainland. We can not use the shoes for the ride up to see the statue of Buddha, as this place is purified by the Buddhist community.

So, come to Thailand for vacation stay there while enjoying the beauty of nature.

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